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Sundance Part 1 Pleated Filter for 780 Hot Tub Series

Product Description

Sparkling Water, Every Dip: Made for Sundance Spas, this filter is your ticket to pristine water. Dive in and relish a refreshing, worry-free soak each time, thanks to its dedicated purification.
Pocket-Friendly, Long-Lasting: Rinsing and reusing this filter not once, but twice, means you save money by extending its life. Get lasting filtration, stretching your dollar further without compromising quality.
Snap-In Fit, Zero Hassle: Tailored precisely for Sundance Spas, it’s a seamless fit. Slide it in effortlessly, enjoy hassle-free filtration, and forget compatibility concerns.
Dual Filtration Power: Combine this filter with the Sundance Spas #6540-502 (sold separately) for a filtration duo. Together, they ensure your water is doubly clean and clear, meeting your spa’s standards effortlessly.
Reliable Sundance Standards: This filter is a genuine Sundance Spas replacement, specifically designed to work alongside the #6540-502 filter (sold separately). Count on it for authentic, clean water every time you unwind in your spa.

Price: $45.15

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