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Life Oxidizing Shock 5lbs

Product Description

Keep your spa sparkling clean and enjoyable all season long with Life Oxidizing Shock 5 lbs. This fast-acting, non-chlorine shock quickly dissolves and eliminates irritating contaminants in your hot tub water. Ideal for use alongside your regular chlorine or bromine sanitation routine, Life Oxidizing Shock effectively:

Clears cloudy water: Restore crystal clarity and enjoy a refreshing soak.
Oxides contaminants: Eliminate unpleasant odors and organic matter for a more inviting spa experience.
Easy to use: No mess, quick-dissolving formula simplifies spa maintenance.
Long-lasting: The convenient 5-pound container provides multiple treatments.
Life Oxidizing Shock (5 lbs) is the perfect solution for busy spa owners who want to maintain clean, clear, and enjoyable spa water.

Price: $57.70

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