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Life Chlorine Granules 5lbs

Product Description

Keep your spa sparkling clean and safe with Life Chlorine Granules (5 lbs)! This concentrated formula is designed specifically for spas and hot tubs to effectively control bacteria and algae growth, ensuring a refreshing and sanitary soak.

Here’s what makes Life Chlorine Granules the perfect choice for your spa:

Long-lasting sanitization: The 5lb container provides a convenient and economical way to maintain proper chlorine levels in your spa water.
Easy to use: Simply add the recommended dosage (based on your spa size) for both initial and ongoing maintenance.
Effective against bacteria and algae: Life Chlorine Granules prevent the growth of harmful organisms that can cloud your spa water and create unpleasant odors.

Additional Benefits:

Concentrated formula for extended use
Compatible with all standard spa filters
Remember: Always test your spa water regularly to maintain a chlorine residual of 3-5 ppm for optimal sanitation.

Order your Life Chlorine Granules (5 lbs) today and enjoy a clean, healthy spa experience!

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