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Ezc Pool Ph Down 3 lbs

Product Description

Effortlessly maintain sparkling clean, healthy pool water with this effective and convenient dry acid pH reducer. Ezc Pool Ph Down gently lowers your pool’s pH level, creating the perfect environment for optimal sanitizer performance and preventing unsightly scale buildup.

Key Benefits:

Slow & Steady pH Reduction: Ezc Pool Down’s granular formula dissolves gradually, ensuring a controlled decrease in pH, preventing accidental overcorrection.
Enhanced Sanitizer Efficiency: A balanced pH level (7.2-7.8) allows your pool sanitizer to work more effectively, keeping your water crystal clear and swim-ready.
Prevents Scale Formation: By maintaining proper pH, Ezc Pool Down helps prevent calcium and mineral deposits from building up on your pool surfaces, saving you time and effort on cleaning.
Convenient Granular Formula: No more messy spills or hazardous fumes! Ezc Pool Down’s easy-to-use granules are a breeze to handle and store compared to liquid acid alternatives.
Make Ezc Pool Ph Down 3 lbs your go-to solution for a healthy, sparkling pool!

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