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Ezc Pool Chlorine 3" tabs 50 lbs

Product Description

Experience the ultimate convenience and chlorine power with Ezc Pool Chlorine 3-inch slow-dissolving tablets (50 lbs). This bulk pack provides a long-lasting supply of these concentrated 8-ounce tablets, each containing 90% available chlorine. They effectively eliminate bacteria, destroy organic contaminants, and control algae, ensuring a clean and healthy swimming experience.

Key Features:

Bulk Value: 50 lb pack offers a cost-effective solution for larger pools or frequent chlorine use.
Powerful Sanitization: 90% available chlorine effectively kills bacteria and controls algae.
Long-Lasting: Slow-dissolving formula ensures extended chlorine life, minimizing maintenance.
Sun Protection: Stabilized formula protects chlorine from UV degradation for lasting performance.
Versatile Use: Compatible with automatic chlorinators, floaters, and skimmers.

Enjoy a season of worry-free pool maintenance with the powerful cleaning power of Ezc Pool Chlorine 3-inch bulk tablets!

Price: $280

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