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EP Mineral Diatomaceous Earth 25 lbs

Product Description

Crystal Clear Water Starts Here: Achieve the ultimate sparkle in your pool or spa with EP Minerals Diatomaceous Earth (DE)! This 25 lb bag of all-natural DE powder removes even the finest particles (down to 2 microns) for unmatched water clarity. Enjoy a healthier, more refreshing swim with a properly balanced DE-filtered pool, while reducing your reliance on harsh chemicals and disinfectants thanks to DE’s enhanced filtration efficiency. NSF Certified for safety and performance, EP Minerals DE is the secret weapon to a sparkling pool, day and night.

Key benefits:

Ultimate Water Clarity: Traps particles as small as 2 microns for a brilliantly clear pool.
Reduced Chemical Use: Enhanced filtration reduces the need for chlorine and shock.
Healthier Swimming: Filters out particles linked to recreational water illnesses.
NSF Certified: Ensures safety and performance.
25 lb Bag: Ideal for smaller pool applications.

Price: $22.46

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