If you’re asking this question, there’s a valid reason — soaking in a hot tub to achieve your weight management goals does sound kind of lofty. But you’ll be surprised to hear that there are plenty of reasons why adding some hot tub time to your workout routine could help you reach those goals faster! 

Here’s some debriefing behind the concept that hot tubs can be a tool to help you lose weight, mainly when used with other proven weight loss methods.

The Core of Weight Loss

If you want to burn fat, it all boils down to calories consumed being lower than calories lost. You can get this number down in multiple ways, like spending time at the gym, cutting back on foods high in sugar and fat, and yes — using a hot tub! 

Soaking in a tub for just 20 minutes can shave away calories by mimicking the effects of exercise, like speeding up circulation and metabolism. If you’re including exercise in your weight loss program, soaking in the tub can also help ease muscle tension so you can get back to your workouts feeling refreshed. 

You’ll want to add tub soaking to your weight loss methods since kicking back in your tub will generally help you lose about 150 calories every hour.

While the number of calories you’ll lose may not be staggeringly high, this is great news for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds without too much physical exertion. It’s also an excellent way to focus on your weight management goals, even on rest days or days you don’t feel like putting in the effort. 

Over time, those calories add up, so using a hot tub is still worth it since it’s probably the easiest to use of the weight loss tools in your arsenal.

But there’s more to hot tubs and weight management than just the heat of the tub kickstarting your calorie burning. There are some indirect ways that hot tubs can help you stay on target during your weight loss journey.

Stress Relief Is Essential for Weight Loss

woman doing meditation in hot tube

Stress can force your body to produce more cortisol. And when you’re overloaded on this stress hormone, you’re much more likely to go for high-fat or high-sugar foods that can hinder your progress. 

If these stress levels get high enough, the body will also hold on to fat in response to impending danger, making it more challenging to drop any weight regardless of your workout routine or diet.

While changing your diet or exercising can help you keep your stress under wraps, so can relaxing in a hot tub. And since it doesn’t require much change — just a desire to relax and restore in your private tub at home — soaking in a hot tub is an easier way to achieve a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle. 

Keep in mind that feeling relaxed can indirectly help you lose weight. When you’re less stressed, opting for something other than potato chips doesn’t feel like an existential crisis.

Rest Easier with Hot Tubs

Sleep is one of the secret ingredients to weight loss. It’s when your body can reset, recharge, and get you ready for the next day. If you struggle with sleep, you’ll automatically struggle with weight management. Lack of sleep or inconsistent sleep can also trigger the body’s stress response, creating a negative loop that will surely get in the way of your weight loss goals.

Fortunately, hot tubs come in handy here again. That relaxed feeling you get from a nice soak puts your body at ease, signaling that it’s time to unwind and rest. 

The warm water also acts as a life hack for falling asleep faster. Warm water will raise your internal body temperature, so your body will try to lower it back to normal. Lowering your temperature is something your body does naturally before it’s time to rest. This process, combined with the relaxation from the tub, leads to a more peaceful, uninterrupted night of sleep.

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